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Fluoride in Dentistry:
Some dentists and experts say fluoride helps our teeth. When fluoride minerals are in water they supposedly can help prevent cavities or other tooth decays.² Fluoride salt can be found in bones and teeth, therefore replenishing these salts would be necessary for our health.

The saliva in the mouth helps in the remineralization of these salts. Fluoride with the calcium salts in teeth help harden the enamel on teeth and if there isn’t enough fluoride in your system the structure of the enamel begins to decay.² Fluoride is added to the body by dentists, toothpaste, or if the water we drink is fluorinated.

Some diseases can cause tooth decay and fluoride deficiency. The first is dry mouth diseases which is a lack of saliva in the mouth.³ The lack of saliva does not wash away the acids or foods that come in contact to the teeth and gums. Another disease is gum disease which allows bacteria to contact the tooth. The development of cavities is also a sign of a deficiency of fluoride.³

Fluoride in Water:
A fluoride solution is added to a water system of a community. The fluoride is added to the natural amount of fluoride already in water. This is to provide more fluoride to a community of people acting like a medicine for teeth.† To some experts, the extra fluoride in the water is not unsafe and only provides more beneficial dental health to the populaces.†

Fluoride in water provides several benefits. It helps repair the enamel of the teeth, and kills bacteria or plaque preventing cavities and decay. The fluoride salts forms upon the tooth making it more resistant.†

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